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About The Southest Plant Show

Welcome to the Southeast Plant Show, the perfect two-day event that brings together growers, collectors, and crafters from all over the Southeast region. This year, we're proud to host over 70 vendors, including major sponsors, who will offer you the largest selection of rare tropical plants and common houseplants under one roof. From carnivorous plants to hydroponics, mushroom growers, pottery, hangers, poles, trellises, soil amendments, grow lights, jewelry, T-shirts, and much more; we've got everything that you need to make your garden the envy of the neighborhood. But that's not all; you'll also get a chance to participate in our exciting workshops, giveaways, and door prizes. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people and take your gardening skills to the next level. Join us at the Southeast Plant Show and let's grow together!


Our Vision

Georgia has recently emerged as a hub for plant enthusiasts, thanks to its thriving community of green thumbs. The Southeast Plant Show is a popular event that unites plant lovers from across the region, offering a platform to share knowledge, showcase their collections, and discover new plants. This annual event features a wide variety of plants, from rare and exotic specimens to common houseplants, and is a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in plant care and cultivation. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, the Southeast Plant Show is a must-visit event for anyone with a love for all things plant-related.

Our Team

The Southeast Plant Show was conceptualized in 2022 and finally became a reality in 2023! Its goal is to bring together the plant community in Georgia and the Southeastern United States, along with local, regional, and national houseplant enthusiasts, artists, and small businesses.


Our Attendees

We believe that our event's attendees are crucial to its success, and we make every effort to ensure that they have an unforgettable experience. During our inaugural year, the Southeast Plant Show attracted 1,500 visitors from various states across the Southeastern United States, including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. In 2023, our headline sponsor joined us all the way from Ecuador, making the event an even more international affair.

In The News

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